iReg - Business Management Software for SMEs

iReg is a Software to manage your business. It helps to define organizational goals and objectives, and then guide the organization in day to day activities to achieve the defined goals. In very simple words… Define. Achieve. Grow

iReg provides an automated and unified management control and visibility across critical functions in an organization including: Products, Costing, Sales, Order Execution, Production, Stores, Purchase and Quality. It gives organizations control over the entire business. Automated processes and workflows ensure that the projects are complete well within Cost, On Time along with right quality, leading to a well defined growth path for the Organization.

The software is being provided on "cloud" as well as "on premise" model. The software is reasonably priced and is based on modules used, no of users and the model opted for. Users can start with any module - Sales CRM / Order Execution / Product Costing and can later extend this to Purchase, Stores, ISO Compliance, and more

iReg for Polymer Industry: Special modules have been integrated into the system where rubber compounds can be created and properties like ash content, hardness, specific gravity can be determined. This has been seamlessly integrated with rubber products so that on selection of the product, related entities like Batch Mixing, Quality, Stores are automatically impacted. Job cards are printed for mixing, quality and production during order execution. A facility has been provided where users can request for specific test from within system. We arrange for sample pick up and get the test report at a very reasonable cost

iReg for Food Industry: Special modules have been designed for supply chain management, lot to batch tracing, tracking expiry dates, reducing machine idle time, tracking important quality parameters like moisture content and other biological properties

iReg for PSU Vendors: Handling terms and conditions, Tendering, Documentation is typically a challenge for Organizations who are vendors for PSUs like Indian Railways, State Transports, Oil companies etc. iReg provides document templates for Delivery Period Extension, Obtaining Drawing or Specification, Inspection Call letters etc. The system also tracks acceptance notes, deductions, penalties so that the user is able to maintain end to end traceability for an Order, which otherwise is very difficult to track manually

iReg - Business Management Software for SMEs

iReg is a Software to manage your bu...


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